Zebastian Spot, born 28 June 1994 is a former villian of the Tony franchise.

Biography Edit

Zebastian started at Mimers during the middle of the fall 2012. Tony and Zebastian did not get along well because of Tony's deprission. The Deprission caused Tony to be mad at Zebastian because he enjoyed to talk about space and possible world endings. Tony however, couldn't stop him, much because he knew the other in the class enjoyed the stories. A day in december, Tony threw a snowball at him. Later in January 2013, Zebastian punched Tony because he tried to rub his hair. After the punch, Zebastian actulley started to regret what he did, but before he could say sorry, Tony officially said that he was his enemy. Later, After Tony made up a joke about his mother, he actulley tried to attack Tony, but stopped when he saw how scared Tony was. Much later, in the middle of March 2013, Elias supposley told Zebastian what he really thought about Tony and also told him various stuff that Tony had done to him, however most of them was misunderstood things (for example, when Tony said that it looked like they where hugging when Elias showed him a video of him doing karate, he thought Tony was serious when he actulley was joking). The things Elias said to Zebastian made him angry of Tony, also making him bully Tony when he hadn't even done anything. On March 13, 2013, Robin also took part of the fight after Tony accidentally brought up the incidents between him and Robin which took place a few years earlier. The main reason was that Tony pointed out that Robin's mother overreacted when Tony accidentally grabbed Robin's ascot during a fool-flip. Zebastian also told Tony that noone in the class liked him, and used that to bully him. Later that day, Tony wrote a message to Elias in order to find out if he really had called Elias "arabjävel" (english: fucking arabs). The next day, Tony and the rest of the class got shocked when Elias violently attacked Zebastian and even tried to kill him before being thrown out from the classroom. After the attack, Tony and Zebastian finally made peace and promised each other to never say anything bad to each other again. It was later reaveled that Tony actuelly said arabjävel, but not to Elias, but to his iPad. Many of the things Elias said to Zebastian was true as well, but Elias wanted Zebastian to not tell Tony about it because Elias didn't want Tony to become hurt. He also saw that Zebastian and Robin brutally tried to bully Tony with his help which caused Elias to turn enemy with Zebastian instead. Tony and Zebastian however stopped with their brawl thay day.

Relationship with Tony Edit

From the beginning, Zebastian didn't like Tony at all because of his actions thowards him. Much later, it was revealed that Tony was mad at Zebastian because he talked so much about world endings which caused Tony to get worry. Finally, they made peace and finally got answers for their questions.

Relationship with Robin Edit

From the beginning, Robin didn't like Zebastian either, and he promsied Tony to not tell what he said about Zebastian if he promised to not tell what Robin thought about Zebastian. Slowly, they however became friends, and after the big brawl in 2013, Tony mentioned that he called Zebastian "gay" but however, he didn't mention what Robin said about Zebastian, presumbly to avoide another brawl.

Relationship with Elias Edit

From the beginning, he and Elias got along fairly well. However, after a while, Elias told Zebastian what he really thought about Tony and begged him to not say anything to Tony which he eventually did. After Elias violently tried to attack Zebastian for using him to bully Tony, they became enemies instead while Tony and Zebastian turned into friends.

Trivia Edit

  • He was born 28 June, exact one year before Svante who was Tony's first enemy.
  • Since Tony and Zebastian now is friends, no enemy of the franchise exists.