Victor Malmqvist, born 4 February 1996 is one of Tony's friends who appeared in Tony's Schoolife and Tony's New Schoolife.

Role Edit

Victor was introduced as the sixth classmate at the rainbow in Tony's last year 2007. (Earlier, Mattias Olsson and Svante where the sixth classmate). At first, he and Tony didn't get along very well and Victor also accused Tony for peeing in the shower in the gym when he really did it himself. However, after a while, he and Tony became friednds instead. After Tony left Fontin and started at Thorild, Victor was seen visiting Thorild a couple of times, also chatting with Tony on the net before becaming a character of Tony's New Schoolife. Just like in fontin, they didn't get along again and Victor often bullied Tony with "Teletubbies", forcing them to nearly became enemies again. However, Tony and Victor was later friends again. However, while Tony started at Mimers, Victor chosed to start on a gymnasium in Göteborg to become a movie director. Even through he didn't appear as a regular character, Victor still made guest appearences through the series first season, such as in Tony visits Thorild. As of November 2012, it's currently unknown if Victor ever will appear in the series again.

Relationships Edit

Tony Edit

At first, Tony and Victor weren't friends, nor enemies. But in mid fall semester 2007, Tony caught Victor peeing in the shower at the gym in the school and rushed to tell Lotta, however, Victor told her that Tony peed in the shower and that he didn't do it, and soon Tony's other friend Mikael trusted him. However, Lotta already knew that Tony wouldn't do such a bad thing. During their breif time as enemies, Victor threated to kill Tony's big sister Cissi after he dreamed a appearntly realistic dream in which Tony stabbed his two dogs Courage and Stella to death while laughing mancanalliy. Sometime after the shower incident, they however became friends instead and often talked about movies together, even through they still could tease each other. After Tony left Fontin for Thorild (due to being one year older than Victor), Victor remained at Fontin where he battled Alexander, another crazy boy, however, he still kept contact with Tony and sometimes, he also visited Thorild together with Martin and Mikael. When Tony begun his second year at Thorild, Victor started his first year, and the boys once again teased each other, and was nearly becoming enemies again, however, at the end of the last season of the show, they where friends again, however, while Tony ended up at Mimers thanks to his bad grades in math, Victor succeded with his schoolwork and started at a computer gymnasium in Gothenburg, leaving Tony alone at Mimers, since Mikael started at another part of the school, far away from Tony. (So did Peter from Season 1 and 2 of Tony's New Schoolife, who rarely appeared in season 1 of Tony's All-New Schoolife, and didn't even do any appearence in the second season). After Tony left thorild, Victor visited him at Mimers a few times before leaving Thorild himself. As of 2013, they still have contact via mail, in which Tony asks Victor questions in the so-called "Questiongame". Tony  and Nisse also appears to be the only ones of the Fontin and Thorild saga who Victor still has contact with, since he appearntly has no contact with neither Mikael or Sebastian. As of July 2013, it's currently unknown if Victor ever will appear in the franchise again.

Mikael Edit

It's not quite clear what Victor really thinks about Mikael, but during the last season of Tony's New Schoolife, they where seen hanging around together with Nisse and Sebastian. Victor doesn't seem to have any contact with Mikael anymore after leaving Thorild.

Nisse Edit

During later seasons of Tony's New Schoolife, they where seen hanging around together with Mikael and Sebastian. Nisse was Victor's best friend according to himself.

Sebastian Knutsson Edit

Sebastian and Victor was seen hanging around together in later seasons of Tony's New Schoolife.

Göran Edit

Victor seems to respect Göran since he sings in a hard rock band. They share a intrest of hard rock music. However, unlike the case with Peter, Tony ignored the fact that Göran and Victor got along fairly well

Peter Edit

Even through they weren't seen interacting with each other that much, they still where good friends.

Emelie Schriever Edit

It's currently unknown what Victor really thought about Emelie in the beginning, but in late 2012, he called her a "fjortis".

Ingela Edit

It's currently unknown what Victor thinks about Ingela.

Hedil Edit

Victor and Hedil wasn't seen interacting at all, so most likley, they don't have any issues against each other.

Alexander (Schoolife) Edit

During his sixth year on Fontin, his main enemy where Alexander who took Tony's place when he left for Thorild. During 2008-2009, Victor often mentioned various mean things Alexander did, such as trying to strangle Mikael, hitting Martin in the head with a giant stick and throwing applesauce at Victor's kiss shirt.

Voice Actors Edit

During Tony's Schoolife, Victor was voiced mainly by John Jangard, but also by Ludvig Dietmann. When the series was redubbed in 2009 due to the fans hard critic to the 2007 dub, Rasmus Lundblad provided the voice of Victor. When Victor later appeared in Tony's New Schoolife, he was voiced by Henrik Ström who also voiced Peter and by Amanda Davin a short time 2009. In his guest appearences in Tony's All New Schoolife, he was voiced by David Lindmann who also voiced Tony in the 2012 smash movie Tony and the true love.

Criticisim of the outwritting of Victor Edit

In late 2012, Tony Jähnke announced that Mikael and Victor might be gone from the franchise forever, which angered the fans so badly that Tony Redaktionen had to give them small roles in the 2013 movie Tony and the Secret of Kungälv. In June 2013, Tony reaveled that both Victor and Michael will appear as sidekicks and friends of Tony in the unknown sequel to Tony's New Adventures - The Movie.

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