Tony and the Lion King 2 - Return to Africa is a 2013 feature film and a sequel to Tony and the Lion King from 2004.

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In 2004, 9-year old Tony and his friends Mikael, Pontus and Cesar saved the Lion Leo, his wife Felina and their cub Simba from a hunter and the hyenas. In 2013, 9 years after the events of the first movie, Tony, now 18 years old once again travels to Africa, this time with his new friends Robin, Zebastian Spot and Ingela. During their vaccation, he meets his old friends Pontus, Mikael and Cesar who is there too, and together, they goes into the jungle to see if Leo and his family still is alive. Inside the cave where they met the lions 9 years earlier, Leo, Felina and Simba, who now is an adult lives because a evil construction worker has decided to destroy the jungle and instead bulid a mall there. Tony and his friends soon gets dragged into a new adventure when The Hunter, The Hyenas and the new villians all team up against the group, and now, Tony and his friends once again has to help their friends.

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