Tony and the Lion King (Swedish: Mitt äventyr med Lejonkungen) is a 2004 movie based on Disney's The Lion King from 1994.

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In 2004, 9-year old boy Tony travels to Africa together with his mother and father and with his best friends Pontus, Cesar and Mikael. After lunch, the trio goes into the jungle to get some fruits, but instead finds a cave where they here a lion roar at them. However, it turns out to be a small lion cub named Simba. Scared of the strangers, Simba escapes into the cave, and Tony and his friends who follows him bumps into the giant lion named Leo who instead of attacking them begs them to help him with a Hunter who have hunted him and his son for several days. While Tony, Mikael, Pontus and Cesar is distracting The Hunter by talking with him, Leo sneaks up at him and then roars as high as possible behind his back causing him to flee in terror. When Tony and his friends and Leo with Simba arrives to Leos home, they find Leo's wife Felina captured by the Hyenas and frees her by alerting all animals in the jungle to scare them off. After the Hyenas disappears, Tony and his friends celebrates by joining their new friends and promises each other to always fight against evil and save animals in danger.

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