Tony's Adventures - The Princess and the Farmerboy is a 2012 spinoff movie based on the new television series Tony's New Adventures. It will be aried in december 2012 as season ending.

Plot Edit

The Story is plot in the early 1400th centuary. A poor farmer boy named Tony is living in the same town as the countrys princess Alice. Tony falls in love with her, but thinks a beautiful princess wouldn't notice a nobody like himself. At the same time, the princess sits in her palace and dreams about her true love. When her lady-in-wating (Daphne) reminds her she can't marry anyone she want, she gets depressed. A short time later, Tony walks into the town to buy food with only a few dimes. When he walks into the town, he suddenly hears music and he climbs up on a tree limb to see what's going on. The Princess drives by in her carriage, and when Tony climbs more to see a glimpse of her pretty face, the tree limb under him accidentally breaks and he falls into Alice's carriage. At first, she gets afraid, but quickly thinks he's cute when he tries to apologize. When he tells one of his famous jokes, she falls in love with him too (earlier in the film, she told Daphne that her true love is able to very easy make her laugh). After a ride home to Tony again, she gently kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for the company. Shortly afterwards, Alice returns to her palace and tells Daphne about the handsome boy who by an accident falled into the carriage. However, her dreams is crushed when Daphne reminds her that Tony not is a royal boy. At the same time, Tony visits his friend Jack and tells him about his adventure. However, a evil boy named Rasmus spotted Tony when he was inside the carriage and decides to kidnap the princess and her lady in waiting in order to marry Alice himself. The Next Day, another evil boy named Max kidnaps them both and takes them to their underground lair. Later that day, the news about the princess kidnap is all over the town and Tony and Jack decides to save them (although Jack was a little skeptical first). After tracking Rasmus down to his underground lair, Tony orders Jack to free the girls while he fights Rasmus and Max. While Max is easly defeated and bound, Rasmus battles Tony in a extemly hard battle. However, when Tony nearly falls down into a dark and deep cliff, Rasmus runs thowards him to finnish him off, but accidentally slips on the wet ground and off the cliff, sending him falling to his death. After Max is arrested by the sheriff, Tony and Alice finally reavels their feelings for each other, but Daphne ruins their magical moment buy once again reminding them that Tony not is royal. The Next day, Alice is forced to marry another rich prince, but is very sad about this. When Daphne sees Alice cry over losing Tony, she finally realizes what she has done but is absolutly heartbroken over that she can't do anything. When the wedding starts, Daphne decides to not care about the royal and stops the wedding just when the prince is about to say yes. She tells the wedding guests that Alice does not love the princes and reavels that she is the new rulesmaker of the town, and allows Alice to marry whoever she wants. After hearing this, she runs up and hugs her friend. Then, she takes her carriage to Tony and Jack's house. When Alice steps out and asks him to marry her, he replies that he can't since he isn't royal, but Daphne steps out and reavels that she now is allowed to marry whoever she wants. After hearing this, he says yes. Also, Daphne falls in love with Jack and they have a double wedding. After getting married, Tony kisses his bride and thinks that even the poor one can get a beautiful girl. The movie closes with a shot of the cliff where the end battle took place and we hear Rasmus' evil laugh, impailing he didn't die also hinting a sequel.

Trivia Edit

  • The last scene where we hear Rasmus' laugh was cut in some countreys becouse it was to scary for kids.