Tony's Adventures - King of the Goofs (Tony på Äventyr - Fumlighetens mästare) is a 2012/2013 movie and the sequel to Tony and the true love. It replaced Tony and the golden goose as sequel.

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During the middle of the summer of 2012, a few months after the events of the first film. Tony is a very clumsy boy who often destroys things by accident or crashes Computers, breaking televisions or scratches his discs. His girlfriend Alice loves her boyfriend more than her life but still wishes that Tony would stop be clumsy. At Maxi the town's food store, a big event where the most expensive items on the store is showed together with singers peforming various songs, including George's band Generous Maria. Tony heads there and meets his sister Cissi who works at the pharmacefty inside the store and also sees Philip from the camp in the crowd. While walking to the media part of the buliding to watch for Lego Games, he hears a glass break behind him and when he looks at the floor he sees the shards of a vase on the floor, immidatie reconizes it as the most expensive item in the whole store. Panicking about what might happen, he overhears Cissi's Boss talking with Cissi, saying if her family and friends does something wierd that ruins the big event, she will lose her job. After hearing that, he gets absolutley sad and terrifierd when he realises that his parents not only will have to pay for the vase, but that his sister will lose her job and therefore getting it tougher to find a apartment to live in. In order to save his sisters work, he decides to "disappear", hoping that Cissi's boss would not accuse him of the broken vase when he learns that Tony disappeared while walking to the supermarket. He decides to hide in a small house behind the forest on the big mountain. The next day, Tony's mother goes into Tony's Room to wake up her son only to find his bed empty. After finding out Tony is not in the house, she gets worried and calls Tony's father who imidatie leaves work and returns home. When Alice later arrives to the apartment to go to cinema with Tony, she gets informed that he still is missing. The following day, George, Patrick (from Tony on Camp), Emelie Juneld (from All-New Schoolife) and Magnus (from New Schoolife) searches through Tony's School and the three camp locations without finding him. Alice goes searching on her own, getting more and more heartbroken as time passes. The Next day a crying Alice together with Tony's extremly heartbroken family contacts the police who immidatie starts a search for Tony through the city and soon the whole Camp and School gang searches for Tony, even Max, Robin and Benjamin searches for him. Meanwhile, Tony sits at his mountain, thinking his parents enjoys not having him around, not knowing how worried his family and girlfriend really is. When he notices his parents not is in the apartment, he sneeks in to take some food and accidently drops a button at the scene before leaving. When his parents arrives, they does not notice the button, but Alice does and says that it might lead to Tony. When Tony walks out in the forest to watch for apples, he bumps into Philip and first thinks he has been searching for Tony. But Philip quickly says that he is hiding as well and they decides to share Tony's house and the food together. At the same time, Tonys enemy Rasmus from the first movie discovers where Tony is hiding but does not tell anybody and starts to make a horrible revenge plan. Meanwhile, Alice gets so heartbroken over the disappearence of Tony that she not can think about something else than him. She looks out through Tony's bedroom window and up to the stars, wishing to god that Tony would be found alive. That night, Rasmus hypnotizes Tony and then uses Alice's voice to trick Tony into entering his lair. When Tony finally wakes up he stands eye to eye with Rasmus and tries to punch him only to be knocked out by Rasmus. Rasmus takes him to a big bunker under the elve and when Tony wakes up, Rasmus tells him that the bunker will be flooded in 15 hours, which will kill Tony. Philip however followed Tony when he sleep walked to make sure he didn't reavel himself to the public and saw Rasmus throw Tony into the bunker. Knowing he can't save Tony alone, he faces the horrible truth. To save Tony, he must reavel himself which he not wants to do. While walking around, Philip accidentally bumps into Alice who asks him if he has seen Tony. Philip reavels to Alice what Rasmus did to him and then tries to escape, but is stopped by Alice who asks if he won't try to save him. Philip answers that he cannot due to hiding, but before he leaves, Alice tells him that if he was a true friend, he wouldn't let his friend down. After Philip leaves, Alice immidatie tells Tony's parents, George and Patrick about what happened to Tony, making them all scared. They heads of to the bunker where Tony is captured (thanks to the location given by Philip) and splits to save Tony. However, they are captured one by one and thrown into a prison, when Tonys sits alone in the bunker and thinks about Alice, Rasmus appears and in order to hurt Tony he reveals that his parents, sister, Patrick, George and Alice was captured by him while trying to free him and that Philip didn't even try to save Tony making Tony only more depressed. At Tony's house, Philip has a change of heart when he sees a photo of himself together with Tony from the summercamp and decides to help his friend, heading off to the lair. After defeting Rasmus traps, he opens the prison where Alice is held hostage and she is very happy to see that Philip changed his mind. They sneaks away to free Tony but when opening the bunker, they sees it allready has get flooded, meaning that Tony is dead. After crying for a while, Tony reveals himself to be alive, having climbed up on the celling with a rope, Alice happliy hugs her boyfriend. Later, the trio opens the prison door, letting the others out and all of them is happy and relived to see Tony again. Before they can escape the scene, Rasmus appears and laughs at them, telling them that he has to kill all of them if they don't leave Alice and Tony there. Instead of trying to escape, Tony and Alice chooses to stay in order to save the others. Meanwhile, Philip can't accept his friend's fate and decides to save him together with Patrick. The same night, they sneaks into Rasmus lair and steals his key, then freeing Tony and Alice for the second time. However, Rasmus appears again and throws the whole gang (except for Patrick who is held hostage at Rasmus lair) into quickly flooding room. At first, the trio hold each others hands and awaits their fate, accepting their deaths while suddenly Patrick (who managed to flee) breaks into the room and saves the trio in the last second. They heads of to Rasmus lair, ready to battle him. When they arrive, they battles thowards Rasmus but eventually fails and his taken to the Ale mountain (the mountain that Tony and Kent discovered in Tonys Schoolife) and prepers to drop them from the mountain to their deaths. Before, he makes a insulting speech where he talks about Tony's "crimes" against him and ends with telling the others that Tony was the one who broke the vase at the store. Philip however tells that he is the one who broke the vase and decided to hide since he didn't want to see the hurt in Tony when his sister losed her job. But then, Rasmus laughs evilly as he reveals that HE was the one who destroyed the vase, to make Tony get all the problems from it. He then reavels that he didn't expected Tony to hide, but that it fit into his plan anyway. When hearing this, Tony gets so mad that he destroys the ropes he is tied in and then frees his firends. Rasmus however tries to escape but the gang corners him and Tony says "back to the prison for you". But Rasmus, in one last attempt to attack, he runs thowards Tony to punch him, but Tony jumps away causing him to run off the cliff, causing him to fall to his death. The next day, the police reveals to Cissis boss that Rasmus was the one who destroyed the vase and that they not would accuse Tony of it. The Boss (moved by Tony's actions to save his sister's job) allows Cissi to continue working, also giving her a raise. The next day, Tony gets informed about how missed he was and how worried his parents was. Tony promises to not disappear again and the movie ends with Tony and Alice kissing each other shortly before Philip interups them, and the trio rises their arms together.

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  • Was from the beginning called Tony and the golden goose.
  • This is the second movie appearence for the movie timeline character Alice.
  • Adrienne Daniels (who also voices Alice Feldström) voices Alice instead of Arleen English who voiced her in the first movie.
  • Even through Rasmus is killed off in the end, the real character from Tony's All-New Schoolife is still alive.