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Tony Jähnke
Background information
Feature films All of them
Television programs All of them
Video games All of them
Portrayed by Teodor Runsiö (Christmas Calendar 2012)
Portrayed by Emma Nilén (Tony and the Secret of Kungälv)
English Voice
Swedish Voice Tony Jähnke, Philip Hansson, John Jangard, Annica Smedius, Lisa Lomér, Lizette Pålsson (swedish), Mike Pearson, Rory Thost, Aaron Henderson, Tara Strong (english)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Ove Tony Jähnke
Other names TJ, Dr. Tony, Mr. Tony, Ynot Waker, Tonkaboy, Tonytonka, The Tonkboy, Tony the Tornado (TT)
Personality Funny, Charming, Lazy, Hyperactive, Romantic, Cowardly, Confused, Selfish, Polite (sometimes), Nice, Imaginative, Curious, Eccentric
Birthday September 8th, 1995 (age 25)
Occupation Student
Affiliations Tony gang, IMIA11A
Goal To survive the adventures (most films/series)

To save the world and to get a relationship with Alice (Tony and the true love).

Home Kungälv, Sweden
Relatives Björn (father), Birgitta (mother), Cissi (sister), Alice Feldström (girlfriend in his own world), Alice (girlfriend in the movies), Anna (aunt), Grandma (Grandma (fathers mother).
Pets Mitzi (former pet dog)

Dizzy (pet dog)

Allies Jack, Daphne, Lampwick, Alice Feldström, Thomas, Ross, The Professor, Gads, Dr. Stupid, Alfred, Philip, Robin, Emelie, Ingela, Mikael, Victor, Patrick, George, Peter, Elias, Jonathan Tegelskär, Zebastian Spot, Rasmus, Svante, Mitzi, Dizzy
Minions Victor, Mikael, Jack, Thomas
Enemies Rasmus (formerly), Svante (formerly), Arne (formerly), Benjamin, Robin (formerly), Emelie Schriever, Victor (formerly), Max Liljeröd, Philip (formerly), Oscar, Gamo, Jason Voorhees, Water King, The Count, Zebastian Spot (formerly), Vanessa (possibly)
Likes His girlfriend Alice Feldström, watching television, Lego video games, Adventures, His other friends, being lazy, things going his way, roleplaying, Disney
Dislikes Growing up, Death, Sicknesses, working, Math, Failures, people calling him things, having to do things at home, homework, deprissions, accidentally hurting someones feelings, his diagnoses
Powers and abilities His envy, Strength
Weapons Bare hands, Spear
Fate Survives most of his adventures (except for Tony meets Jason)
Love Interest(s) Alice Feldström, Daphne
Hair Color Formerly Dark Blonde, Nowdays, nearly brown hair.
Eye Color Various, but often blue.
Weaknesseses His diagnosises, Math
Quote "This is the life"

"Yackity Smackety" "What the Zebra!"

Tony (born 1995) is the main character of the Tony series.


Tony is a hyperactive boy with several diagnoses. He is the leader of the Tony gang and attends Mimers Hus.

From age 9-12, he didn't care much about what he did. He could scream inside stores and would not care about what other people thought about him. But when he finally entered puberty after turning 15, he suddenly opened his eyes. In the late summer of 2011, trouble begun when he was about to start in Mimers. After starting in Mimers, Tony accidentally got a depression. In March 2012, the sad feelings finally disappeared. After turning 16, he was afraid to meet the future, and also didn't want to grow up since he thought that he would miss the funny parts of his life. In late 2012, when he is about to turn 17 years old, he seems to accept that he will eventually be threatened more like a grown up than a kid. Even though he doesn't have the depression to date, he still looks down on himself sometimes, thinking he never will fit in the real world. In the summer of 2012, he also grew more attraction to girls than before. In the middle of July 2012, he actually wanted a girl badly. Unlike other teenagers who is out on the evenings, smoking cigarettes and drinks alcohol, Tony instead still spends his days inside his room. Also, unlike other teenagers (kids normally becomes more of a problem when turning into a teenager), Tony turned better instead of worse. About a month before his 17th birthday, mostly of his uncaring personality from when he was 12 had changed into a more mature and caring way. Although he to date still is very selfish and hyperactive, he shows a somewhat mature side of himself if he wants to. During the mid fall of 2012, Tony suddenly got depressed again which gave him big problems.

Several years later, Tony, now aged 25, still suffers from depression and anxenity, but has friends, is starting to think about moving out, and overall more positive and mature. However, he no longer is skinny due to too much candy and junkfood, bordering on being chubby.

Tony meets Jason[]

In Tony meets Jason (from 2012) he enters Camp Crystal Lake together with his friends in order to finally solve the mystery about Jason. Upon arriving, Tony splits the gang up and together with Alice he searches in the main cabin. After both Jack, Daphne, Thomas and Lampwick is killed, Ross finds a photo album with pictures of young Jason and hands it over to Tony shortly before getting killed himself. After killing Ross, he attacks and kills Professor who was analyzing the clues given to him. After realizing that he and Alice are the only ones left, he gets attacked by Jason but knocks him out with his trademark Spear. After the wild battle, Tony takes a dump in a loo, not knowing that Jason snuck up behind the loo, holding Tony's spear. Before Tony could react, Jason stabbed the spear through the outhouse wall and into Tony's back, killing him. His body was later thrown on Alice, but according to the police, it was not found on the campgrounds after the blood bath. These news made Alice return to Camp Crystal Lake with the remaining Tony gang. This time, they found his now rotten and weird smelling corpse pinned to the wall behind the main cabin. This is the second time Tony dies. The first was in Tony in Titanic.