The Truly Best Day Ever is a episode of Tony's Life brodcasted in August 11, 2012. It has the Best Day Ever theme.

Plot Edit

Tony wakes up and soon notices it's a best day ever. After adding tracks to his cds (which he started in the previous episode), he walks out to buy candy and hums the intro to Mr. Bean. When chosing candy, he buys candy for his mother without any reason, and when Tony returns home, his mom gets both suprised, chocked and happy. Tony soon finds that the good day is more than a good day, it's a super powerful good day. After his mother, father and sister leaves to go to the Small Garden, Tony stays at home and uses dvd-discs to burn cds and later, the family returns, and Tony's mother does not show any anger to that Tony borrowed the cds without asking. We then see Tony inside is room, lying in his bed and realizes that this day is the truly best day ever.

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Trivia Edit

  • Even through this is a best day ever, the song with the same name isn't featured. Instead, Ecce homo qui est faba (the Mr. Bean theme) is the main theme for this episode.
  • This is the (so far) most known Best day ever episode and the most powerful one.
  • This is one of the times where Tony is unselfish.
  • Tony recalls the events of The Magic Day and clips which was showed in that episode is also showed here.