The Memory Computer, first appeared 26 September 2008, destroyed 20 August 2012 was a computer.

Role Edit

From the beginning, the computer was only a game computer. But Tony liked the computer so much that he made it into the main computer and the internet was given to this computer instead of the old one. On this computer, Tony stored all his camera photos from Samsung Camera and the first clips from Tonys New Schoolife. In february 2009, he accidentally run out of disc space at the D disc and deleted all files on it. In January 2011, the computer was hit by a computer virus and was nearly destroyed.but fourtnally, the computer was saved. In September 2011, he made the schoolcomputer the main computer and moved some files from that computer to his school computer. However, in early 2012, The Memory Computer suddenly stopped working. Shortly afterwards, the school computer was destroyed as well, meaning all files from the computer was lost for good. In May 2012, the neighboor Inge-Ma ts said it was lifetime broken. At the end of august 2012, Tony tried one last time to save his beloved files, but when he heard the computer viruses destroyed the computer for good, he got so mad that he finnished the computer off by kicking and throwing it to pieces.