Svante Olsson, born 28 June 1995 is a character in Tony's Schoolife and one of the first nemesises/enemies

Role Edit

When Mattias Olsson left the school to join his twin brother Robin Olsson, Svante (who irony shared his last name) started instead. Thanks to Tony's tixes (the sounds he makes), Svante didn't like Tony very much. After a while, they grew into nemesies. However, Tony had enough of it when Svante said he wanted to befriend him when he really lied by crossing his fingers. Tony also hated him for trying to steal Mikael Karlsson as a friend. One time, both of them tried to convince Mikael to join them, but after Tony punched him in the head, Svante jumped at him (literary) causing him to give up. He also liked dinosaurs. He was the one who invented the Rain Toy. At the end of the semester, he got a offer to start at a new school, and to Tony's relive, he chosed to start there. 4 years later, at age 13, he appeared in Tony at the boygroup, still looking mean whenever he met Tonys sight. However, it can be assumed that he only did this as a joke. Since his appearence in 2008, he hasn't appeared again. However in 2012, when Tony searched through Facebook, he saw a picture of Svante and how he looked nowdays.

Roles since 2008 Edit

Even through Svante doesn't appear in nowday productions, he still appears in the fantasy parts. For example, he appears in Tony's New Adventures as a villian in an episode which takes place on Fontin. This was made as a joke. He was also the main villian in the first season of Tony's Adventures. In that series, he appears in the orginal version of Tony meets Scooby-Doo where he dressed up as the luna ghost to fool Tony.

Trivia Edit

  • Even through they not belong to the same family, he shares his last name with Mattias Olsson whose place he took when he started at Fontin.
  • He was at fontin around 2003-2004.
  • After Svante left, the third boy was absent until 2007 when Victor Malmqvist took this place.