Sandra's Birthday is the thrid episode in the fourth season of Tony on Summercamp

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Tony driving through the city together with Patrick, Max, Eveline, Sander and Caroline. They meet various people including Max's parents, his girlfriend Zandra and their son Anton. Later, Tony gets a suprise when he finds his buddy Jonathan Tegelskär at the camp. Later in the evening, Tony takes a bath and Loke does a joke and Sandra gets a birthday cake. Tony does not feel anything and nearly gets scared. At the evening, Tony, David, Patrick and Sandra plays soccer, but Tony jumps off it when he learns that one more goal could beat him out from the game, instead taking the role of commentator and judge, he tries to get Sandra numerus times, but Sandra cheats her way through the game. The game stops when Patrick accidentally shoots the ball into the high grass. Later Tony and Patrick takes another promenade, with David joining them.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the thrid time that a character throws a birthday party. First was David in the May camp 2011 and second was Loke in the Summer Camp 2011.
  • Jonathan Tegelskär (from Tonys All-New Schoolife) appears in this episode. He would later be a regular character in the series from 2012 and forward.