Samuel Elers-Svensson, born 27 October 1979 is a swedish voice actor. He is the current voice of David in Tony and the Konfirmation.

Roles in the Tony-world Edit

In 2009, he voiced Tony as a teen in the movie Tonys 2012. In 2012, Martin Persson was orginally set to voice David in Tony and the Konfirmation, but decided to take a break from acting, and the role went to Samuel (even through Martin was credited in the end credits by a mistake until May 2013). Since 2013, he also voices Tony in some episodes (such as "The Feltsports day 2013"), however, Tony Jähnke still voices Tony mainly.  He is also the current voice of Nisse since 2013, succeding Hugo Paulsson. Since 2013, he also voices Zebastian Spot in KM Studio/SDI Medias redub of Tony's All-New Schoolife.

Outside the Tony-world Edit

Samuel was also the voice of Littlefoot in The Land Before Time and Fievel in An American Tail 2: Fievel goes west. He also voiced Flounder in The Little Mermaid, Urchin in the Television series with Little Mermaid, John Darling in the 1992 redub of Disney's Peter Pan and finally he voiced Lampwick in the 1995 redub of Disney's Pinocchio.