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Background information
Feature films *Tony and the true love
Television programs *Tony's All-New Schoollife
  • Tony's Dreamworld
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
English Voice Aaron Yoo (feature films)
Swedish Voice Mark Fredriksson (2011-2013)
  • Cesar Linduen (2013-)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Robin
Other names Rogert
Personality Cocky, Funny, Rude, Lazy, Selfish, Good Natured, Loyal, Brave
Birthday September 26th.
Occupation Student at Mimers Hus.
Affiliations Bad, later Good/Neutral
Goal To make fun of Tony (formely)
  • poke tony just for fun (current)
Relatives Unnamed mother, Unnamed sister
Allies Tony (sort of), Nathanael, Jennifer Johnson, Jennifer (formely), Sebastian 2, Elias, Zebastian Spot, Ingela, Benjamin, Rasmus, Emelie Junelight, Vanessa, John, Emelie (goes out), Jennie
Enemies Tony (formely), Jennifer, Jesper
Likes Bullying Tony, Having fun, eating junk food, being free from school, his familiy, his friends, computers
Dislikes Tony ignoring him, persons treating him, late days at school, teachers, not having any money
Powers and abilities
Weapons His mouth
Fate *Makes peace with Tony (both the film and series)
Love Interest(s) none known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weaknesseses Tony
Quote "shut up" (Said in a specefic way)

Robin Höglund, born 26 September 1995 is a character in Tony's All-New Series and a former enemy of Tony.


Robin was introduced in 2011 and quickly become the main villian of the show. Unlike the events with Svante Olsson, Peter and Victor, the brawls between Tony and Robin often overflowed and resulted in disasterous incidents. In October 2011, thanks to the World Ending scam and to the camp, Tony wasn't fully working which caused him to fool around with Robin, resulting in Robin nearly threatning to police report him after he accidentally injuried his head. In 2012, after talking with the curator, they finally made peace. In the fall of 2012, they however was tired of eachother once again, but since January 2013, they're friends and often plays pranks on eachother and still remains friends even through Robin sometimes hangs around with Tony's most dangerous enemy Zebastian Spot.

During Season 1, he was also a good friend of Jennifer, but halfthrough the second season, they suddenly turned into enemies instead.

Role in Tony and the true love[]

Robin is seen in the classroom working on his stuff when Alice Feldström suddenly starts in his school. Like everyone else, he is enchanted by her beauty, but quickly realizes that she loves Tony and not him. Later in the movie, after Rasmus finally is deafeted, Robin appears together with Benjamin and Arne Andersson and makes fun of Tony which causes Alice to yell at them. Robin is later seen saying to Tony that he is sorry, and Tony forgives him.


  • To date, Robin and Svante is the only enemies of Tony who currently has not been a main villian in any of the movies.
  • Robin is the fourth enemy who become a friend of Tony. The three others before him was Victor, Peter and Philip.