Rasmus Åhman, born 15 March 1993 was the main villian of the Tony franchise 2012 and is a character in Tony's All-New Schoolife.

Role Edit

Rasmus debuted in 2011 and was orginally only in the class during the first two lessions, but during the second half of the first year, he was in the class permanently. Unlike the villians Svante, Peter, Victor, Robin and later enemy Zebastian Spot, Rasmus rarley used his strength against Tony, but instead used his mouth calling Tony various mean stuff. The whole enemy thing begun in 2011 when Rasmus joked about that if a girl is in love with Tony, she is stupid. Tony however didn't know it was a joke and replied by calling him mean stuff. Later, Rasmus succeded in passing his grade while Tony didn't which meant that Rasmus leaved the school. When he left, Zebastian became the main villian instead. Since he no longer appears in the series, he isn't a villian anymore. He did a short cameo appearence in the second season, and is seen walking into Mimers.

Role in Tony and the true love Edit

In this film, Rasmus gets jealous after Tony and Alice falls in love with each other and tries to stop their romance by shooting them with a destroying machine. However, he accidentally hits the ground causing it to start to destroy. Later, after overhearing Tony, he steals the fix machine and tries to escape, however is stopped when Loke throws a firecracker on the wheel of the car. Later, Rasmus gets deafeted after Tony knocks him away. He tries to attack one last time but is knocked off the mountain by Alice and later captured by the people at the ground. He is arrested and sent to jail.

Role in Tony and the secret of Kungälv Edit

Rasmus appears as the sidekick to Zebastian Spot and tries to find a treasure hidden in Fästningen. However, when they meet Tony and Alice, they captures them inside the big cave and runs off. Later, Rasmus along with Zebastian gets scared away after Ross and Carl-Eric places traps all over the castle.

Trivia Edit

  • Even through Rasmus technically isn't a villian anymore, he still appears as one in feature films and Tony's New Adventures.