Pontus Clipground-Appeldrond
Background information
Feature films Tony goes out - The Movie
Television programs Tony goes out, Tonys New Schoolife, Tonys Dreamworld, Tonys Life
Video games
Portrayed by
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English Voice
Swedish Voice
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Character information
Full name Pontus Clipground-Appledrond
Other names
Personality Cocky, Funny, Naive
Birthday March 31
Occupation Student at Thorild.
Affiliations Cowstreet Kids
Home Cowstreet
Relatives Jenny Appledrond (mother), Nellie Clilpground (sister), Max Clipground (brother), Kid Clippground (brother), Dennis Appleground (grandfather)
Pets None
Allies Benjamin, Tony, Cesar, Erica, Michael
Enemies Professor X, Päivi
Likes Computers, Television, Walking around barefoot, teasing his brother
Dislikes Päivi, Thorild
Powers and abilities Strength
Weapons Fists
Love Interest(s)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Quote "But i don't want to send a voice clip"

Pontus (Pontus Clipground-Appledrond), born 1997 is a childhood friend of Tony and also his neighbor.

The Early Years Edit

During the early years, Pontus was playing with Tony and the others on the street. He often vanished in the air when he played with Tony and was known for not wearing socks. Even during the winter, he was barefoot in the shoes. He wanted to be a close friend of Tony, but due to Tony's diagnosis and fear for other childrens parents, he choosed to only meet Pontus outside. (Although, Pontus was in Tonys house during his birthdays parties). Thanks to Tony finding a computer and chosing to stay inside, he and Pontus quickly losed their contact, although they stayed as friends. He was also the leader when the kids one day decided to steel strawberrys from the kindergarten down the street. Tony was guarding the place and was told to scream if he saw anyone pass. But due to his fear of being punished, he left the scene. Pontus also gave Tony his comics and introduced him to Beetle Bailey. It was Pontus who persuaded Tony to go through the fallen christmas trees, wich caused Tony's eye to get hurt by a tree limb with rat poison. Tony was close to loose his sight at the left eye but was saved from it. It's unknown if Pontus ever learned about Tony's accident.

2006-2009 Edit

After Tony walks out, Pontus was seen alongside an unknown unnamed boy in 2006 when Tony walked out to photograph. Pontus and the unnamed boy has been seen in the movies Tony created at his computer. In 2007, Pontus and his siblings Nellie and Max was invited to Tonys Halloween party. Pontus didn't come (he was busy) but his siblings came. In 2009, they talked to each other with Skype and nearly fixed their old friendship, but it ended there. He was also seen skating past Tony when he was photograping.

2010- Edit

In 2010, his look was completly changed. His hair turned red and he begun to go through the teenage process. He was seen in Tonys New Schoolife. He still remanied nice to Tony and said hello when ever they met. In 2011, Tony learned that he had his own blog where the created funny videos. In 2012, it was reaveled that he was a smoker (just like his mom) and that his teenager habits still was strong. He also knows Tonys classmate Benjamin.

In the 2013 Christmas Special, he appeared as Santa Claus for Sofie's kids.

Age Edit

Until 2011, Pontus age was not fully known. During Tony goes out, his age wasn't reavealed at all, not even during his birthday partys. Many fans belived him to be born around 1995-1996. During his 2006 appreance, he told Tony he was 9 years old which meant he was born in 1997. In 2008, rumors said he was born in January 1997. His real birthday date was finally comfirmed by his mother in an episode from April 2011 (31 March 1997).

Trivia Edit

  • Pontus is considered the third best friend Tony ever had.