Peter Nielsen, born 18 December 1994 is a character in Tony's New Schoolife

Role Edit

Peter was born in 1994. He was first introduced in Tony's New Schoolife in 2008 where he quickly grew into the role as the main villian of the series. However, at the end of the season, Tony realized that all the things he blamed Peter for was actulley caused by Göran. In season 2, Tony and Peter is shown to be good friends and in Season 3, he doesn't appear since he now attends high school. Peter did some guest appearences in the first season of Tony's All-New Schoolife but does rarley appear in season 2. He was also a character in Tony on Camp but after Tony changed camp and instead took part in The Elves, Peter was written out of the series.

Voice Actors Edit

Peter is voiced by Henrik Ström, but was voiced by Ludvig Dietmann and Mia Kihl in a few episodes 2008.

Trivia Edit

  • Peter is the second villian becoming a hero. The first one was Victor.
  • We learn in Season 1 that Peter is a really good piano player.
  • In Tony on Camp season 5, we learn from Emma Nilsson that Peter nowdays suffers from Tinnitus.