Mayvor (swedish: Majvor Wihman), born 29 April 1961 is a character in Tony's All-New Schoolife.

Role Edit

During the first part of the first year at Mimers Hus, Mayvor teached Tony in the gymnasium grade of English. Tony did not like her since she always seemed so bored and grey. After Tony figured out her age (which she refused to tell him) which was 51, she called Tony rude which caused Tony to quit her lessions for good. The following year, Tony started the gymnasium grade of English again, but this time with Charlotte as his teacher. In season 2, she rarerly appears, and only does so in special episodes such as "The Terrible Theatre or in the corridors. After Tony got out of his deprission (which caused his issues with Mayvor), Tony accepted her and stamped her as the most intresting person at Mimers, however was not able to find anything about her except that she appearntly lives alone. She was confused with Anna Severin during the shows beginning.

Voice Actors Edit

In sweden, Mayvor was voiced by Annica Smedius in season 1 and is currently voiced by Cecilia Ljung. In usa, Tress MacNellie voiced her in season 1, and in her guest spots during season 2, she is voiced by Adrienne King and once by Grey DeLisle (when King falled ill once)

Trivia Edit

  • Mayvor's appearence looks very similar to her current voice actor Cecilia Ljung's appearence, including Ljung's teeth.
  • Jack Nilsson, the director said that the main reason to why Mayvor only makes cameos during season 2 is that she wasn't a intresting character at first, but Mayvor might appear more in season 3.
  • Rumors was spread during the summer of 2012, that Mayvor would be the main villian of the new movie Tony's New Adventures - The Movie to get revenge for Tony's rudeness. However, this was proved false. However, she still appears in the movie.
  • Mayvor probably has age issues since she wasn't so fond with talking about her age.