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Feature films
Television programs Tony on Camp
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Character information
Full name
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Birthday 1995
Occupation Student
Goal To come home again.
Home Unknown
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Allies Unnamed friend
Likes Playing with his friend, swimming
Dislikes The Camp, His Parents not picking him up, Loke, The Brawls between the gang.
Powers and abilities
Fate Leaves the camp for good.
Love Interest(s)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Quote "I promised my friend that i will play with him at 4 o'Clock"

Ludwig, born 1995 was a character in Tony on Camp.

Biography Edit

Ludwig was a long haried guy, being in the same appearent age as Tony. He only appeared in 2 camps before quiting. He was first seen during the first Camp 2009 and was seen on the saturday during a camp in 2010. When Loke told something bad about Tony, he didn't care and just replied "Yeah right". He returned home since he promised a friend to play with him. After that, Ludwig wasn't seen again.

Trivia Edit

  • Ludwig bears a strong resamblence to the swedish singer Johan Palm.