This page contains all deaths that has occued in the Tony movies and television series. Please note that close deaths and back from the deaths will be here too.

Tony and the secret of Kungälv Edit

  • Alice Feldström, Tony's girlfriend gets kicked down from the castle right before the death above and dies of a result. However, she is bought back to life thanks to the love and feelings of her friends and Tony.

Tony meets Jason Edit

  • Jack gets killed after Jason stabbs an arrow through the bed he was lying on into his throat.
  • Daphne is killed after getting hit by several arrows when bending over to pick up Jack's candy bag.
  • Ross, the prankster of the group meets Jason who slashes his throat with his machete.
  • Lampwick gets a machete to his face shortly after emerging from the lake with his boat.
  • Thomas gets impailed in his throat on a bulding with a pitchfork.
  • Professor is found with half his face cut off.
  • Tony gets stabbed in his back with his own spear when sitting on a toilet.

Tony in Titanic Edit

  • Michael dies after slipping on the deck and falling into the water where he gets dragged into the engine of the boat.
  • Victor and Jack dies after the falling funnel crushes them.
  • Lampwick gets knocked out from the ship and into the water after getting hit by a big crate and presumbly drowns.
  • Martin is seen swimming around the water, and in the next shot he is dead, frozen helding into a chair.
  • Cilla is seen screaming in terror when the ship colliders, but is not present during the scenes on the rescue boat which makes us understand that she died.
  • Tony himself gets sucked down into the deep sea thanks to the power of the ship sinking.

Tony's Adventures - The Ufos Edit

  • Tony gets shot to death by the aliens, but is later saved by Göran's tears.

The Story about Sir Tony Edit

  • Sir Tony falls to his death after the rope he used to flee snapped.

Tony's Adventures: The Evil Pool Edit

  • Tony dies after fighting the evil pool, but is later resscued by his friend's strong feelings for him.

The Tale about Tony (Theatre) Edit

  • Tony gets beaten to death by the monster but is later brought back to life.
  • Jack dies of his injuries.

The Tale about Tony Edit

  • Gaston falls to his death after slipping on the wet roof.

The Mystery at Greveholm 2 - Tony at Greveholm (2010) Edit

  • The Count falls from a great height and due to the fact that he is a skeleton, his body explodes when hitting the ground. Also, Tony nearly dies after falling from the same spot,however he luckily hits a madrass on the floor.

Tony on Camp - The Movie Edit

  • The Joker falls into the deep hole and dies.

Tony meets Batman Edit

  • After a wild battle, Batman fires a net that makes The Joker's feet tangled to the funnel. Suddenly, the funnel breaks and the great weight of the statue causes The Joker to fall to his death.
  • Tony nearly dies after falling after The Joker's death, however he is saved by Batman's batarang.

Tony and the Secret of Kungälv (Orginal Version 2010) Edit

  • Daisy falls to her death from the old cotton mill while fighting with Tony.

Tony's New Schoolife - The Movie Edit

  • After the big battle ends, Göran finds Tony who appears to be dead, however, he was only knocked out and wakes up shortly afterwards.

Tony's Life Edit

  • Tony's Grandpa dies of a heart failure in 2010.
  • Sture died in 2006 after a heart failure.
  • Fredrik (Life), son of Rolf had cancer, and in March 2013, he died from it.
  • In October 2013, Karl (the old man who gave Tony's mother chocolate) died, possibly from high age.

Tony's New Schoolife Edit

  • During a 2010 episode, Tony learns that his old classmate and campmate Daniel Andersson died after falling down the stairs in his apartment.
  • During one of the last episodes in Tony's New Schoolife, we learn that Birgitta Klein died from the sickness that made her absent during the season.

Tony's Dreamworld Edit

  • In one episode, Tony's mother dies after falling into a black spooky hole.
  • In another episode, Göran and Magnus dies after a mad mayor tries to punch Tony but accidentally hits them instead.
  • Mitzi the dog gets killed in one dream after Tony's parents decides to rescue Tuffsen instead of Mitzi because they only watched after Tuffsen.
  • Philip falls to his death from Tony's balcony in one dream.
  • Robin disappears in one dream and his later found dead.
  • Cissi dies of an unknown illness in one dream.
  • In one dream, Tony, Jesper and Frans (the last one from the Greveholm-saga) is at the Titanic, and all three (including Tony's Mother who is seen in the crowd) dies when the ship sinks.
  • Rolf (ex-husband of Mari) dies of Cancer in one dream.
  • Tony's father possibly dies in one dream after getting runned over by car, while transformed to the white side of himself.

Tony & Michael - The Movie Edit

  • Tony doesn't die, but spreads out a rumor that he is dead to see how his friends and family would react.

Tony and the Golden Goose Edit

  • Rasmus falls into his own trap which drops him to his death.

Tony's All-New Schoolife - The Movie Edit

  • Two male agents presumbly drowns after they gets beaten up by Tony because they tried to kill Alice Feldström

Tony meets Jason (2013 series) Edit

  • In the sequel, Emelie Juneld is killed after Jason throws her into a power central causing her to elecrocute to death.
  • Peter gets a spear through his head which goes all the way through his body and into the ground which causes him to die as a result.
  • Cesar has his throat slit.
  • After Jennie discovers Cesar's body, she tries to escape from Jason, however, Jason corners her and kills her by dragging a piece of barbered wire across her throat.
  • When trying to flee, William (All-New Schoolife) runs to a window, and Jason throws a machete at him which misses and instead crushes the window. When trying to run through the window, William is killed when a huge piece of glass impails him on the ground.
  • Benjamin is killed after Jason shots an arrow at him which goes through his head.
  • Bourim gets his throat slashed. When Jason kills him, he accidentally cuts of the power to the main cabin which later leads to Emelie Juneld's death.

Tony and the treasure of love Edit

  • As of September 20, 2013, nothing about the villians has leaked out, but the production team confirmed that at least one of the bad guys will meet his death in some way.

Tony's Biggest movie Edit

  • It's unknown weither the villian will die or not, but the Tony team confirmed that at least one character will die in the movie.

Animal Deaths Edit

  • Two dogs named Gizmo and Nicko from the Mitzi-franchise is after the movie mentioned to have died because old age (Gizmo) and a illness (Nicko).
  • Simson the cat dies of a unknown cause.

Tony in Titanic (2013 version) Edit

  • Jack dies when falls off the ship as it starts to rise in the air.
  • Göran is knocked away from the ship as he tries to help Alice into a lifeboat and is later crushed to death by the falling smokestack.
  • Lampwick gets washed overboard by a huge wave, and another wave drowns him.
  • As the ship stands right up in the air, Ross loses his grip and falls to his death (while screaming goofy)
  • When the ship starts to rise, The Professor stupidly opens a window to flee from the ship, forgetting about the fact that his cabin already was under water, causing him to drown when the room gets waterfilled.
  • As the ship breaks in half, Patrick falls backwards into the hole and dies.
  • Philip nearly gets to a lifeboat,  but his puberty voice gets him busted. He chooses to stand on a spot at the ship with a sad face expression and later dies when a huge wave sweps him overboard, later drowning him.
  • Stefan gets hit by a bench while hanging onto the rib and gets knocked away from the ship into the water. Later on, he is seen frozen to death holding the chair.
  • Pia falls off the ship just before the final plunge and hits her head in the propellar. She then hits a bench in the water, killing her.
  • As the ship sinks, Peter tries to swim away from the ship, but after a while, he lets go and gets sucked down to the occean floor, drowning him.
  • Robin holds onto a rail, but later falls to his death.

The New Tale about Tony (2008) Edit

  • Jack dies of his injuries he got when he fighted the monster. (He is later saved)
  • Tony dies of his injuries and also because he used all power inside him.
  • Dr. Stupid gets eaten alive by the monster.
  • The Monster is killed by Tony in the end.
  • All the deceased characters (except for the monster) is bought back to life after Lampwick wishes it from a fairy.

The Attack of the Great Pumpkin Edit

  • Maria gets killed of the Great Pumpkin.
  • Rebecca is eaten and killed when smoking outside the diner.
  • Göran accidentally slips and is killed by the monster.

Robot Chicken Edit

  • In one sketch, Tony is eaten and killed by a monster.
  • Mari, Grandma, Grandpa, Mari, Mother and Father is all killed by the Great Pumpkin in one sketch.

  • Arne gets stabbed through a computer in one sketch.