This is a list of episodes in the television series Tony and the Konfimation.

Episode 1: The Journey Starts (2012-09-09)

Episode 2: The New Member (2012-09-23)

Episode 3: At Kefas (2012-09-28)

Episode 4: Tony Jähnke, the best groupsmitter ever (2012-10-07)

Episode 5: Church Camp (2012-10-13)

Episode 6: A Quiet day in Church (2012-10-14)

Episode 7: Return to Kefas (2012-10-19)

Episode 8: ????? (2012-10-21)

NOTE: From the episode Church Camp, Jesper Adefeldt voices Tony. In all of the episodes before that, Tony Jähnke voices him instead.