Lampwick is a character from the movie Pinocchio and will appear in Tony's verison of the movie. In this movie, he will be voiced by Tony Jähnke who also voiced Lampwick in the Tony Studios dub of Pinocchio, and Lampwick will also resamble Tony. In the Tony-version of Pinocchio, he travels to Pleasure Island together with Pinocchio (character) (who is portrayed by Andreas (Camp)), and enjoys gambling, drinking beer and other things he is pleased with. However, after a while he gets turned into a donkey, but unlike the Disney movie, where Lampwick presumably ends up in the salt mines, Pinocchio helps Donkey-Lampwick as well as Alexander (who in this movie is a friend of Lampwick) to escape Pleasure Island. Later, he is saved from his donkey-form after Pinocchio tells the Blue Fairy (portrayed by Alice), that Lampwick didn't meaned any harm, and that the evil Coachman (portrayed by the Evil Commun Worker) where tricking the kids to drink and smoke in order to turn them into donkey and then sell them to slavery, and since Lampwick (and also Alexander) didn't deserve to be a donkey, they where turned to humans again.