Leif (Grandpa)
Background information
Feature films Tonys Trailer Vaccion
Television programs
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Character information
Full name Leif Jahnke
Other names Grandpa
Personality Unknown
Birthday 2 July
Occupation Pensionare
Affiliations None known
Goal To find out more about the Jähnke family.
Home Småland, Sweden
Relatives Monica (wife), Grandma (ex-wife]], Björn (son), Roger (son), Cissi (grandaugther), Tony (grandson)
Pets Unnamed puppy
Allies Unknown
Minions Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Likes His family, climbing mountains
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Fate Gets visited by Tony and his family.
Love Interest(s)
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Eye Color
Quote Unknown

Leif Jähnke (Grandpa) is Tony and Cissi's grandpa and Björns real father.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about his past or his work. Sometime in the 40-50s, he met Grandma (fatherside) and married her. They got two children, Björn and Roger. Sometime at the end of the 60s, they divorced and Grandpa married a woman named Monica. Many years later, Björn met Birgitta and married her, getting Cissi and Tony, and Roger got engaged with Jeanette, getting the kids Melanie, Eddie and Pernilla. (Although Jeanette did not gave birth to Melanie, Roger got her with a woman named Camilla). In the early 70s, Tonys grandma married a man named Stig who took over the role of father/grandfather. When he died in 2010, the same year Tony turned 15, Tony learned more about his real grandfather. In 2012, Tony will meet him for the first time during their trailer vaccion. As of 2012, he most likley is a pensioner, and runs a website where he uses genelogy to find out more about the Jähnke Family.

Personality Edit

Due to the fact that he hasn't appeared in person yet, his personality is not known. However, it seems like he is a nice man who cares about his family. He is appearntly still in good condition, since Tony's father told Tony that he together with his wife sometimes climbs the alpine mountains during winter season.

Appearences Edit

Until 2012, he was a unseen character. After Stig's death in 2010, the fans asked for a appearence of Tonys real grandfather. In 2011, it was reaveled that he will appear sometime in 2012, and in July 2012, it was comfirmed that he will appear in the summer special.

Trivia Edit

  • As of 2012, Tony is the last one who not has met Leif. Pernilla and Eddie met him when he went to Pernillas birthday party. (Tony didn't met him since he choosed to stay behind).
  • His middle name is Eddie, the name was given to Roger's son Eddie.
  • His name was first seen on Tonys family tree plate.
  • During the first years, many belived Stig to be Tony's real grandfather. This was corrected in the episode where Selma's death was reaveled from 2000.