George is a minior villian in the Tony Franchise.

Background information
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Character information
Full name
Other names Göran
Personality Cruel, Rude, Greedy, Selfish, Mean, Bad, Snobbish, Absurd
Birthday Early 1950's
Occupation Boss at The Bingo (formerly)
Affiliations Bad
Goal To get Tony's mother to stay at work (failed)
Relatives Unknown
Minions His assistant
Enemies Birgitta, Tony, Björn, Stig, Jack, Alice Feldström
Likes Money, Ladies, Power
Dislikes His workers, Complaints, Custumers not paying their bills, Prison
Powers and abilities
Weapons His housekeys (formely)
Fate Gets arrested and sent to prison
Love Interest(s)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Quote - Screw the bill then.

Biography Edit

At the end of the 70's, Tony's Mother started working at a place called Bingo, where she read the numbers. At that place, George where her boss, and when she tried to ask him for new chairs to sit on when reading the numbers (due to the fact that the old chairs where broken, and to sit on it, it requires a position which hurts the back), he just snapped her off. For some unknown time, Tony's mother lived in an apartment which she rent thanks to the Bingo, but due to George having an extra key to her home, she feared to go home again, and when she finally did, she saw George sneaking around the place, and thought she was lucky, and thanked god for that she didn't go home. Later, she got tierd of taking George's crap, so she decided to leave both the Bingo and her apartment, which George didn't like, and therefore, George spent the next three months fawning to her. However, as Tony's mother knew what he wanted, she refused hadly. Some time after Tony's mother moved, George accused Tony's mother of not paying one of her bills, however, after se prooved that she acctulley did, George just snapped her off again. Sometime after that, George was arrested and sent to jail because he didn't pay one of his bill, and it's unknown what happened to him after he was realesed from prison.

Trivia Edit

  • Not to be confused with Göran who is Tony's teacher.
  • George will appear in Tony's New Adventures as a villian during late season 2 or early season 3.
  • He is currently a unseen character, but is frequently mentioned.