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Ecce Homo Qui est faba (Behold the man who is a bean) is the theme song for the television series Mr. Bean and was the theme music for Tony's All-New Schoolife in 2011. In 2012, it was also featured in a best day ever episode.


The tune was composed by Howard Goodall and was from the beginning a serious piece of choral music. Goodall added new lyrics for the television. Translations is:

Ecce Homo qui est faba (sung in the intro): Behold the man who is a bean

Finis Partis Primae (sung before commercial break) - End of part one

Pars secunda (sung after commercial break) - Part two

Vale homo qui est faba (sung during the end credits) - Farewell, man who is a bean.

Use in Tony's All-New Schoolife[]

From the first episode "Meeting the teachers" (brodcasted 19 August 2011) until the episode "The Extremly Boring Day" (brodcasted 11 January 2012) the tune was used as intro/outro music. The Tune was released in the music box "Tony's Life - Greatest Hits 1995-2012" in 2012, first the outro and later the full track as best day ever.

Use in Tony's Life[]

In the 2012 episode The Truly Best Day Ever, the track was used at the same places as in Mr. Bean. The Track was (together with Best Day Ever and Chariots of Fire theme) symbolized with The Best Day Ever theme.


  • When used in Mr. Bean and Tony's All New Schoolife, the track was sung by a real church choir. However, when used in Tony's Life, it was The Choirboys who sung the track.