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Daphne Blake
Background information
Feature films Tony in Titanic, Tony's New Adventures - The Movie, The Mystery at Greveholm 2 - Tony at Greveholm, Tony meets Jason, Tony and the true love
Television programs Tony's Adventures, Tony's New Adventures, Tony's Life, many more.
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
English Voice *Pamela Adlon (2004-2005)
Swedish Voice Lena Ericsson

Sharon Dyall Emma Nordling Helena af Sandeberg Lizette Pålsson Cecilia Nyberg (2012-present)

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Daphne Blake
Other names Daph
Personality Caring, Loving, Sweet, Friendly, Polite, Motherly, Innocent, Protective, Loyal, Cocky, Beautiful, Happy
Birthday 22 September
Occupation Amatuer Sleuth, Student
Affiliations The Tony Team
Goal To help Tony and the others with their plans
Home Kungälv
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Allies Her ex-boyfriend Tony, Ex-boyfriend Jack, best friend Alice, Lampwick, Ross, Thomas, Professor, Hilda, Dr. Stupid, Alfred, Anonymous, Night Rubber, Riddler, Timon, Elin, Gads, Alice's Mother, Alice's Father
Enemies Rasmus, Robin, Svante, Gamo, Daisy, Water King, Benjamin
Likes Tony, her friends, solving mysteries, fashion, make-up, sales
Dislikes Everything who can harm her friends, her hair being messed up, not matching clothes.
Powers and abilities Her Make-Up
Weapons Her Make-Up, Bare hands, Spear
Fate Survives everything except for Tony meets Jason.
Love Interest(s) Tony, Jack
Hair Color Red/Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Weaknesseses Her addiction to fashion
Quote *"Who are you thinking about?"

Daphne Blake, born 22 September 1995 is a member of The Tony Team. She is the former girlfriend of Tony as well as Jack.


Daphne (whose name and last name is taken from the Scooby-Doo character) was accepted as a team member in 2004 and is the first girl to ever access the group as well as the thrid member in the group after Tony and Jack. She is good friends with Alice Feldström whom she met before she became a member of the group. Alice was accepted as a member 8 years later, in 2012. She has a strong fashion sense and like Alice she enjoys shopping clothes and make up. However, unlike her friend, Daphne is nearly addicted to fashion while Alice is not. She is the 3rd leader of the group and nowdays serves as damsel in distress, much like her friend Alice.



During the years 2004-2006, Daphne showed romantic feelings thowards Tony who first was unknowing about it. In 2007, Tony finally responded her feelings and they started a relationship. Five years later, her friend Alice started in the group, and after Daphne broke up with Tony in order to start a relationship with Jack, Tony started a relationship with Alice instead. Nowdays (even through Tony still has his relationship with Alice), Daphne still has feelings for Tony and later in 2012, she broke up with Jack, both wanting to be friends instead. While talking about it with Hilda, she admitted that she missed Tony and that she never really gave up him. She however respects that Tony loves Alice. In an episode of Tony's New Adventures, Daphne and Alice battled about Tony's heart, until Daphne realized what she was doing, accepting that Tony liked Alice more than her. Even through Tony still is in a relationship, Daphne still flirts with him which Tony first felt unfortable with, fearing that Alice will either break up with him or hate Daphne, however Alice told Tony that she didn't care about if Daphne flirted with him, she only wanted Tony to still love her.


In 2012, after Alice arrived in the group, Daphne broke up with Tony to start a relationship with Jack instead. However, even through she loved Jack, she still had feelings for Tony. In October 2012, they broke up and both of them wanted to be only friends. After their split, Daphne started to flirt with Tony.

Alice Feldström[]

Before Alice was accepted as a member in the group, Daphne knew her since they where small. They're very close friends who often goes shopping together. Alice also shares Daphne's fashion intrest, but are not addicted to it unlike her friend. They are very close and can talk about nearly everything, just like Tony and Jack can do. Even through Daphne and Alice are close friends, an episode of Tony's New Adventures portrayed them as competitors about Tony's heart. (Due to the fact that Tony was Daphne's boyfriend before he started a relationship with Alice), however in the end, Daphne stopped fighting when she realized what she was doing, also telling Alice that she accepts that Tony loves her more, also apologizing to Tony for trying to steal him from Alice.


Daphne and Lampwick is shown to be good friends, however nothing more.


During the time when Ross where the macho guy of the group, Daphne though he was brave. Nowdays, when Ross serves as the group's prankster, she still likes him, thinking he is funny.


Thomas likes Daphne and was jealous on Tony when he first started in the gang during early 2011. She though he was cute, and Thomas was again jealous when Jack won her heart after Tony started a relationship with Alice. However, in 2013, he finally won her heart and to date, they are in a relationship


It's not clear what Daphne thinks about the Professor, but Professor admitted that he earlier had a crush on her.


Altough Hilda is in the second Tony-team, She decided to continue the contact in mail and telephone.

Role in the short film Tony meets Alice and falls in love[]

In the 2012 prequel to Tony's New Adventures (brodcasted in place of episode 2 in Tony's New Adventures), Daphne has no romantic relationship at all with Jack or Tony. She is first seen greeting Alice at the door (where Tony reveals that she and Alice already met). She is later seen talking with Alice, noticing that she was in love with someone and was later suprised when she found out that it was Tony she was in love with. She later received a letter, similar to Jack, Tony and Alice's letters that she and Jack was asked to borrow the Transporter by Professor. The Writer of the Letter was later revealed to be Ross whose pranks accidentally made Tony look like a fool in front of Alice, as he wanted to redress his mistakes. She is later seen at the end, telling Tony and Alice that they borrowed the machine,to help the unknown writer.

Role in [[Tony's New Adventures - Love Trouble

In the tv-movie Tony's Adventures - Love Trouble, she gets a crush on Tony and battles against Alice Feldström to win his heart. Tony (who loves Alice very much and loves Daphne as a friend) gets very uncomfortable with two girls fighting for him and tries to convince them to stop fighting. While Alice agrees with Tony, Daphne (who catched a powerful love sickness) was blinded by love and decided to contine her fight. At the same time, they went on a mission complicating things. At the end, she turned normal again after she accidentally hit her head on a tree limb when trying to save Tony. After she turned normal again, she apologized for her actions and promised to never to it again, accepting that Tony loved Alice in the process.


Daphne was voiced by Grey DeLisle in her appearences 2005-2010. After she left the role 2011, Tara Strong took it instead. Grey DeLisle later voiced Tony's second girlfriend Alice. In her first appearences 2004-2005, she was voiced by Pamela Adlon. Swedish voice actresses who has voiced Daphne includes Lena Ericsson, Emma Nordling, Helena af Sandeberg, Lizette Pålsson, Sharon Dyall and Cecilia Nyberg who voices the character today.


  • Daphne was absent from Tony meets Scooby-Doo since she would have been confused with Daphne in Scooby-Doo.
  • According to Tony Jähnke, writer of Tony's New Adventures, Jack and Daphne broke up since he didn't have time to write about two diffrent love relationships.
  • Daphne was the first girl to join the team.
  • Daphne was based of the character with the same name from Scooby-Doo.