Background information
Feature films Tony goes out - The Movie, Tony the Movie
Television programs Tony goes out, Tony's Adventures 1995-2013, Tony's New Adventures, Tony's Dreamworld
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
English Voice
Swedish Voice Mark Fredriksson, Simon Hellberg
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Cesar Aikeykey
Other names None
Personality Kind, Nice, Funny, Silly, Cocky, Naive (at times), Brave
Birthday June, 4
Occupation Student
Affiliations Good, later Neutral.
Goal None Known.
Home Nödinge
Relatives Sandra (Tony goes out) (sister), unnamed mother, Josef (father)
Pets None known
Allies Tony, Pontus, Sandra (Tony goes out), Michael, Roger Altug, Fredrick, Nellie, Erica, Altin, Armend, Jasper, Daniel (Tony goes out), Emelie (schoolife), Malin, Angelica (Life), Kerry, Angelina, Kevin, Zebastian Spot, Ingela, Robin, Elias, Simba, Leo
Enemies Mr. X, The Hunter, Hyenas, Susanne (impailed)
Likes Hanging out with friends, Happy Meal (formely), Tillbaka till Vintergatan, Gogos, Computers, Candy, Money, Ice Cream
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities His stick.
Weapons His fists, Sticks
Fate Reunites with Tony and his friends.
Love Interest(s) None known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Quote "Schyrra!"

Cesar, born 1995 is a character in Tony goes out

Biography Edit

Cesar was a boy from Libalon who moved in to the cowstreet with his sister Sandra (Tony goes out) and his parents. It's unknown how long they lived there, but in 2002, Tony finally met him and started a rock collection together with him. After a while, they where good friends and often played together, sometimes joined by Sandra. Later, they were best friends and also started a operation with the goal of capturing the arcoholist Susanne, having their hideout in The Old House. Cesar also had a huge collection of McDonalds toys who Tony once saw with his own eyes, and he once recived a Sir Hiss plush figure from a happy meal. However, after a few years, Cesar learned how to trick Tony into giving him candy or other sweets, behaving bad against Tony in the process. However Tony didn't notice it because of his naiveness. Somewhere in 2005, they finally stopped playing with each other, and Tony later got a new best friend named Michael.

Later years Edit

After a while, Cesar moved away to Nödinge and was not seen in person so much. He was seen walking home with a rose during the last episode of Tony's Schoolife, season 5, which was the last time he was seen in reality. He was however seen at some pictures on Tony's computer, showing us that he now has a sporty mustach. He also studies at a computer gymnasium in Gothenburg.

Tony goes out - The Movie Edit

In this movie, Cesar returned to cowstreet and assisted his old friends in stopping Mr. X. However, in the end it was reaveled that he worked for Mr. X the whole time. And catches Tony, also telling him that he still was easy to trick. However, when Mr. X reavels that he wants to blow up cowstreet, Cesar has a heart of change and helps his friends to escape from the prison. At the end, Mr. X falled of a cliff and desperatly tried to hang on Cesar leg causing him to fall as well. Tony saves them both, but Mr. X escapes. After realizing his mistakes, Cesar apologizes for his actions and apologizes for tricking Tony when they where small as well.

My Adventure with the Lion King Edit

Cesar also appeared in this story and it's sequel alongside Tony, Pontus and Michael.

Voices Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Appearance and personality of the Character Elias was loosley based on Cesar.