Tony's Love Intrests through the years includes:

Kerri - A girl with buck teeth who didn't talk pure.

Angelina - A black girl, and so far the only black girl who Tony has been in love with.

Ingela - Tony was in love with her for a short amount of time.

Karin - Lottas daughter. Tony was in love with her until he learned that she already had a boyfriend.

Amelia  - A girl who looks similar to Lillan Olsson from The Mystery at Greveholm.


Daphne - One of the members in the Tony team.

Alice Feldström - Tony's girlfriend in Tony's New Adventures and some feature films.

Camilla  - A girl who Tony has a possible crush on.

Persons in love with Tony Edit

Alice of course.

  • Many characters, along them Vanessa, Emma (school) and Jennie showed a possible crush on Tony, however, it turned out most of them weren't intrested.

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