Best Day Ever is a song from the television series SpongeBob SquarePants. In 2010, the song became the anthem of the good days in Tony's Life.

Orgin Edit

In July 2010, Tony came across the track Best Day Ever by Spongebob Squarepants and decided to call every good day (Extra Good Day, not a ordinal good day) a best day ever. The First Best Day Ever was the episode brodcasted 14 July 2010. In the fall/winter of 2011, not many days where good days thanks to Tonys deprission,but in 2012, when he finally was cured from it, the good days where back again.

Known Best-Days Edit

  • Best Day Ever - 14 July 2010

Best Day Ever-days before 2010 Edit

Tant Rut - 16 December 2005

The Best Friday - 7 August 2009

The Sound Recording Day - 17/18 July 2009

Parodies Edit

Some sketch-programs like Robot Chicken and Family Guy has parodied this fenomen by having Tony going through a bad day, then he sings "It's the Worst day ever".

Trivia Edit

  • Even through the best day ever is the most known song for the fenomen, the good day 27 July 2012 was known for Chariots of Fire theme song. The episode from 11 August 2012 featured the song Ecce homo qui est faba (Mr Bean Theme) and Best Day Ever wasn't featured at all in the episode.
  • So far, the episode brodcasted 11 August 2012 is the most powerful episode with Best Day Ever theme.
  • This article was written the same day as a Best Day ever episode was brodcasted (11 August 2012)
  • Many days has the worst day ever theme (Like 8 December 2009) but the worst day ever has (to date) not any song.