Anna Carlson
Background information
Feature films Tony and the true love, Tony's Big Movie, Tony on Father Side's fiest, Tonys 2008, The Many Adventures of Tony
Television programs Tony's Life, Christmas Calendars, Tonys Adventures, Tonys Dreamworld
Video games
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English Voice
Swedish Voice
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Character information
Full name Anna Elizabeth Carlson
Other names Aunt Ruth
Personality Funny, Caring, Brave, Kind
Birthday June, 5
Occupation Teacher at Fontin
Goal To make Ebba grow up.
Home Hålta
Relatives Rustan (husband), Ebba (daughter), Grandma (Father Side) (Mother), Stig (father), Björn (brother), Roger (brother), Cissi (niece), Tony (Nephew)
Pets Sock (cat), Lost (cat)
Allies Eva Englund
Enemies Rasmus, The Water King, Gamo
Likes Ebba, Rustan, her relatives, her work at Fontin
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets a baby with Rustan
Love Interest(s)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Quote "I have become a celebrity when you are recording here-o"

Anna (born 1978) is Tony's Aunt.

Biography Edit

She was only 8 years old when she became aunt of her brother Björns daughter Cissi. 9 years later (at the age of 17 she became aunt of Tony. When Tony was around 7-8 years old, she babysat Tony during the Christmas holidays and took him out to drive Tony's Snowracer. She also babysat Tony (together with Cissi) in the fall of 2004. In December 16, 2005, she together with Tony created the famous roleplay character Aunt Ruth (Tant Rut) and they both had a lot of fun while filming funny and wierd videos with Tony's beloved Logitech Clicksmart 420. Two years later, On December 25, 2007 they once again recorded movies with Aunt Ruth. The last time they did where October 5, 2008 during Pernillas birthday. Also in 2008, she threw a party (in the movie Tony on Father Side's fiest) where Tony met Eva Englund, a woman he had met when he was younger and still cared about cars. In 2011, she and her husband Rustan became parents to Ebba.

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