Alice leaves the team is a episode in season 1 of Tony's New Adventures.

Plot Edit

It starts a summer day. Alice gets a phone call where Alfred, the leader of the other Tony team offers her a place in the new team which she gladly accepts. However, Tony gets heartbroken and refuses to do things he normally does. Before falling asleep, Tony tells Jack he has been through many things, but he was not survived getting his heart crushed. Realizing the seriousness, Jack speaks to Alice the night before the departure and asks her to think over her decission. He also tells how much Tony will miss her and that the memories of her will hurt him. She is driven to tears when she notices Tony sobbing in his sleep. The next morning, she leaves, but not before whispering to Tony that she loves him more than anything. Before taking the bus, she notices a boy, similar to Tony and realizes her mistake. She returns, but Tony thinks it's Ross who is immitating her voice, but when she gently stroked her hand at Tonys cheek, before gently kissing his cheek. Tony gets happy to see her again, and she promises to never leave the gang again.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the love episodes.
  • This episode was featured on the dvd - Tony's Amazing Adventures - Love Stories.