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Alice Feldström
Background information
Feature films Tony's Adventures, Tony's Adventures - The Search for Alice.
Television programs Tony's Life, Tony's All-New Schoolife, Tony on Camp, Tony's New Adventures, Tony on Summercamp
Video games Lego Tony - New Adventures
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
English Voice Grey DeLisle (2012-2015), Adrienne Daniels (first appearences), Annie Potts (dream sequences), Tara Strong (2015-current)
Swedish Voice Alice Feldström (voice actress)

Sharon Dyall (2012) Nina Björkskär Denise Ivarsson Johanna Ingerberg (2018-present)

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Alice Eve Feldström
Other names Darling, Honey, Sweetie (by Tony), Dear (by Daphne)
Personality Sweet, Caring, Motherly, Unselfish, Loving, Innocent, Beautiful, Polite, Understanding, Brave, Lojal, Romantic, Kind, Cute, Protective, Nice, Beautiful, Flirty, Playful, Snarky
Birthday April 27, 1995 (age 23)
Occupation Team-Member in the Tony team.
Affiliations The Tony Team
Goal To remain in a relationship with Tony
Home The Head Quarters
Relatives Anne Feldström (Mother), Dennis Feldström (Father)
Pets Mitzi the dog (deceased)

Dizzy the dog

Allies Her boyfriend Tony, her ex-boyfriend Jack, Daphne, Lampwick, Ross, Thomas, The Professor, Gads, Alfred, Dr. Stupid, Hilda, Anonymous, Night Rubber, Timon, Riddler, Andreas, George, Philip, Patrick, Jonathan, Emma, Gamo, Queen Morgana, Snork
Minions None
Enemies Rasmus, Zebastian Spot (formely), Evil Commun Worker, Bozier, Gamo (formely), Gozer, Major Toht, Zam Wesell, The Joker, The Riddler, Marshmellow Man, Qurriell
Likes Tony, shopping, fashion, her friends, flirting, cuddling, kissing, solving mysteries, romance, cooking, video games, dancing
Dislikes When Tony is sad, angry or scared, School Food, Bullying, Bigotry, Messy things, Spiders
Powers and abilities None
Weapons Fists, Various weapons depending on the work.
Fate Remains in a relationship with Tony
Love Interest(s) Tony (boyfriend), Jack (ex-boyfriend)
Hair Color Blonde/Red
Eye Color Blue
Weaknesseses None known
Quote *"I will always love you whatever happens"
  • "Purr Purr"

Alice Feldström, born 27 April 1995 is Tony's girlfriend in the imagieworld.


Alice was born in 1995. Not much is known about what she did before becoming member of the Tony team, but on April 19th 2012, Alice was introduced in the gang by Tony. At first, she fell in love with Jack but as time passed, she begun to develop feelings for Tony as well. As more time passed, the feelings for him grew bigger and the feelings for Jack grew smaller, and on May 9th 2012, she told Tony that he was the one she really loved. Fortunally, Tony respoded to her feelings, but a further romance was stopped because of them being in a separate relationship. Fortunally, Daphne broke up with Tony to start a relationship with Jack, and Jack left Alice, allowing them to start a relationship together. While Jack and Daphne broke up later that year, Tony and Alice still is in an relationship (as of April 2019)

Many versions of how they met and falled in love has been told, and to date, it's unknown which one is the official one.


Alice is a sweet girl who cares very much for her friends and family. Whenever Tony is scared, angry or sad, Alice serves as a calm and loving comfort. She usually hangs out with Tony but is good friends with Daphne and sometimes goes out shopping with her.

Relationship with Jack[]

From the beginning, she was in a relationship with Tony's best friend Jack. They was not deep in love and only after a few weeks, they broke up and instead she started a relationship with Tony.

Relationship with Tony[]

Shortly after starting the relationship with Jack, she found herself madly in love with Tony, For the first weeks, she hided it, but on May 9, she finally managed to tell Tony the truth, that she was in love with Tony and not with Jack. Shortly afterwards, Daphne left Tony for Jack and Jack left Alice for Daphne, making them both single. On may 10, 2012, Tony and Alice started a relationship. Whenever Tony is scared, worried or angry, she serves as a calm and loving comfort. But not even Alice could stop Tony when he kicked his computer to death after learning it was busted, During the summercamp, she always stands close to Tony (except for one scene where she walks to the beach with Daphne while Tony kicks a football in front of the camera). During the musclebreak, she felt sad for Tony when he howled in pain during the first night and when he cried on July 13th. In the beginning of August 2012, she traveled together with Tony in a trailer on their most romantic date ever. When Tony was close to get emotionally drained after watching a old commercial about dog abuse which remained him about his deceased dog Mitzi, Alice comforted him and helped him get through the painful time, despite missing the dog terribly herself, showing that she is willing to put other's feelings before her own.

As of May 2021, they still are in a loving relationship, almost ten years after they first met.

Tony's New Adventures[]

Alice is a main character in the brand new television series Tony's New Adventures. She debuts in the second episode. In her debut episode Alice (Tony's New Adventures episode), we learn how Tony and Alice fell in love with each other. In the television series, several episodes shows the love between Tony and Alice and some problems. In the episode Alice leaves the team, Alice decides to leave the team and join the other Tony team instead, leaving Tony and the rest of the team heartbroken. The night before her department, Jack tells her to think over her disicion, also telling her how terrible Tony feels. After saying a tearfully goodbye to Tony, she leaves, but when she is about to leave, she spots a boy, similar to Tony and realises her mistake. She returns and apologize for nearly leaving. She also played a big part in the episode The New Member where a new member begins in the group. While the new member Dave tries to hook up with Alice, she protests and says she loves Tony. But Tony misunderstands and thinks that Alice does not love him anymore. Ross sees the problem and uses his pranks to scare away Dave and Alice explains that she still loves Tony whatever will happen. She also travels around the world with her boyfriend and friends and solves various mysterys. In the episode Double Trouble Lovebubble, Alice and Daphne battled over Tony's heart, until Daphne finally realized what she was doing. In the episode Power of Love, an evil villianess spelled Tony so he falled in love with Daphne, Daphne falled in love with Tony and Jack falled in love with Alice. After a while, Alice saved the situation and deafeted the villian.

Tony on Summercamp[]

Alice appeared in the 4th season of Tony on Summercamp from 2012. In the first episode, she is seen sleeping at the couch inside the television room while Tony leaves it to sleep in the hall. She also whispers "My poor little sweetheart" while watching Tony sleeping in the car after the activity the next day. She also comforts Tony when he feels homesick (due to his tierdness) and tells him he will make it. On the thursday, she is seen sunbathing together with Daphne while Tony pushes the others into the water (before getting pushed into the water with his towel. Ross sneaks up on her and throws ice cold water on her stomac causing her to jump up in shock. While running after a laughing Ross, she falls into the water when she slips on the ground. She is also seen a lot in the last three episodes.

She also appears in the sixth season of Tony on Summercamp. In the first episode, she is seen alongside Tony on the swings. In the second episode, she is seen with Tony, trying to ensure his roomates that is scared of a old woman that she only was at the property to visit her son. In the fourth episode, she is seen trying to cheer up Tony after he gets brutally bullied by some of his camp mates, and tells him that she loves him and that he is a good guy. She is also seen alongside Tony and Patrick on the pizzeria, and in the last episode she is seen being sad at Philip's insults and actulley lectures him for doing so.

Tony on Adventures - The Search for Alice[]

Alice will appear in the new feature film Tony on Adventures - The Search for Alice. In this movie, she gets kidnapped by the leader of the team that is enemies with The Tony Team. This causes the rest of the gang to set out a rescure action.

Orginally, it was going to be a feature movie, but it was remade into a direct-to-video film which was released September 12th 2012.

Tony's Adventures - The Secret of Kungälv[]

In the 2013 direct-to-video movie The Secret of Kungälv (Actulley a new verison of a cinema movie which premiered in 2009), Alice appears as the girlfriend and sidekick of Tony. In school, they need to write about Kungälv's history and in the process, they unlocks a huge mystery. Unlike other adaptions, Alice shows a somewhat more cowardly side of her in this movie. In the end, she is briefly dead after the evil commun worker pushed her off the swedish castle, however, she was saved after Tony's love for her transformed into human energy.

Tony's New Adventures - The Movie[]

In the 2013 movie Tony's New Adventures - The Movie, Alice appears as the girlfriend of Tony, having the same role as in the previous movie. Just like in other adaptions, she shows a calm and loving side against Tony. She also plays a big role in the end, and defeats the main villian Bozier (a pun of Bowser in Super Mario mixed with Gozer from the Ghostbusters movie) using the love machine from Tony and the true love, using her love to Tony. She will also appear in the untitled third movie of the series (or fourth if you count Tony and the true love).

Tony's All-New Adventures[]

This show is the television series based on Tony in the Future. This series will show Tony and Alice as adults, having three kids, and one of them has the same problems as Tony which leads to many funny and weird things. The first season, will however focus on Tony and Alice's relationship, since their children isn't born when the first season takes place. (However, the oldest one, Henrik is born at the season finale, and the other two is born between the first and secon season)

Tony's Future[]

In this tv-movie, we see Tony and the other team members of the Tony Team as adults, at ages 23, 37 and 42. In this movie, Alice is happily married to Tony (the wedding is actulley shown in the movie, with Jack as the best man and Daphne as the lead bridesmaid.), and later gives birth to three children (at age 25, 28 and 31), and lives happily with her family in Tony's old apartment. She also works as a school teacher at Mimers Hus and actulley teaches Robin's Kids, and for a while, Zebastian Spot's kids, while Tony works as a computer programmer. One of Tony and Alice's children, Henrik gets the same diagnosis as Tony (adhd and asperger), and at age 17, he somewhat resambles young Tony, however, he doesn't fight with his two siblings, 15-year old Eva and 12-year old Josh, and actulley appears as a good archetype for his younger siblings.

In July 2013, Tony Jähnke confirrmed that this movie will become a television series.

Tony and Alice - Greatest hits[]

The DVD-movie Tony and Alice - Greatest hits includes the romantic episodes of Tony's New Adventures and excerpts from diffrent Tony-movies. However, the dvd also features two diffrent versions of the story about when Tony and Alice met each other, named Tony and Alice's backstory and The Beginning of a Lovestory. Both of them is counted as special episodes of Tony's New Adventures, and they are sometimes brodcasted on Tony Channel with the theme song of that show.

Robot Chicken[]

Alice made numerus appearences in Robot Chicken, voiced by Rachel Bloom, Ginnifer Goodwin, Grey DeLisle and Rashida Jones

Tony in Titanic (2013)[]

Alice also appears in the 2013 version of Tony in Titanic where she pretty much has the role that Daphne had in the original movie. However, instead of Tony dying in the end as in the original, he survives with Alice instead.

Tony and the treasure of love[]

Alice also appears in the 2014 movie Tony and the treasure of love. It was supposed to premiere December 20, 2013 but the premiere was moved to april 2014 because of techical difficulties.

Tony and the Disney Adventure[]

Alice will appear in the upcoming movie "Tony and the Disney Adventure" where the Tony-Team ends up in the Disney world and meets the Disney characters who lives in harmony with each other until the disney villians tries to take over the world.

Tony and the Blair Witch Project[]

Alice will also appear in the upcoming thriller/horror movie Tony and the Blair Witch Project. In this movie, the group learns about the legend about the three teens going into the woods to film a documentary about the blair witch who later disappears with no trace. They find various clues indicating that the trio might not be dead and sets off to find them.

Unknown Film Project 2015[]

She will also appear in this unknown movie project with premiliar release late 2015.

Tony and Alice's Wonderful Tales[]

This series focuses on the group's relationship and features episodes about Tony and Alice's relationship. Some of the episodes was borrowed from Tony's New Adventures but most of them was written especially for the series.

In this series, Alice is Tony's girlfriend and love intrest. The first episode shows how they became a couple and several other episodes focuses on their love.

She is also seen with Daphne, fighting over Tony.

Relationships with other characters[]


(see Tony and Alice's Relationship)


Before she begun her relationship with Tony, she had one with Jack until she realized she was in love with Tony. After they broke up, they still remained to be friends and still spends time together sometimes.


Daphne is Alice's best friend and they've known each other longer than Tony and Jack have known each other. It was also Daphne who suggested that Alice could be a member. Alice and Daphne is shown to have a strong friendship together and sometimes goes out shopping together or doing other stuff that girls like to do together. Before Alice begun her relationship with Tony, Daphne was in a relationship with Tony and still has a crush on him, and in some episodes they battle about Tony, however Daphne nowdays respects that Tony loves Alice and not her.


Lampwick and Alice is shown to be good friends, spending time with each other sometimes. When Alice first entered the gang in April 2012, he acted shy around her, but nowdays, he isn't that nervous anymore.


Despite Ross often telling jokes or playing pranks, Alice still likes him as a friend, and Ross seems to like her in return, because he has never played a prank on her.


Thomas is friendly thowards Alice and they are good friends, and in the beginning, Thomas was one of the guys having a crush on her, but when Tony eventually won her heart, Thomas accepted it and moved on.


Joel and Alice appears to get along well, however Joel hasn't appeared in that much material yet, so their relationship is not that much known yet.


The Professor acts natural against her, but one time he admitted that he was attracted to her, but that it ended when he learned that she loved Tony.


In the future series, Alice is the mother of Henrik. She loves her son very much and tries to help him deal with his life since he grew up with a diagnosis just like Tony did. Henrik is the oldest child of Tony and Alice and the one closest to Alice, even through she loves her other children just as much as she loves Henrik.


In the future series, Alice is the mother of Eva (whose name is Alice's middlename), and Alice is shown to love her daughter very much and stands by her whenever she needs it. Eva is the second oldest of the three children and is also close to Alice.


In the future series, Alice is Josh's mother and she loves him just as much as she loves Henrik and Eva. Being the youngest of the three children, he often feels overshadowed, but Alice is always there to let him know that she loves him just as much as his siblings.

Voice Actors[]



  • Adrienne Daniels (first film)
  • Grey DeLisle (2012)
  • Samantha Kelly (2013)
  • Jodi Benson (as grown up in the future series)
  • Jennifer Hale (current)


  • Her name (Alice) is the most beautiful name Tony knows
  • She is currently one of two girls in the Tony gang. The rest of the members is boys.
  • She and Tony currently has the strongest relationship in the whole series.
  • She appears in the LEGO game Lego Tony - Tony's All-New Adventures which isn't based on any specefic movie (or television series).
  • She is the only member in the Tony Team who knowed one of the other members before being a member herself.
  • A future movie reavels that Alice later marries Tony.
  • She is currently voiced by Louise Ivarsson in Sweden, and by Grey DeLisle in the english version.
  • She will also appear in the Tony version of Pinocchio where she will portray the blue fairy. Tony however, won't portray Pinocchio, but his misbehaving friend Lampwick who is saved from his donkey form by the blue fairy, after Pinocchio tells her how evil the coachman where.
  • Her name (Alice) was given to Tony's newest computer.
  • Alice is often tought to be two diffrent characters, however according to Tony, they are the same person, but in two diffrent adaptions.
  • Alice was also the name of a dog that appeared shortly in the television series.
  • Alice's namesday is June 23, the day of Tony's fathers birthday.