Alice was a computer which Tony bought in 2012.

History Edit

When Tony's School told their students that the IM students won't be able to have computers during the next school year, Tony's mother promised him a new computer. Before he chosed a HP Pavilion, a Packard Dell and some other computers was a subject. On June 18, 2012 Tony finally bought his computer, which he named Alice after his girlfriend in his imagieworld, Alice Feldström. The Computer was taken to the summer camp 2012.

Near Death by Virus and Rescure Edit

In early March 2013, Tony tried to buy some songs from Spotify, only to find out that they weren't offering that at the moment. Angered by this, Tony downloaded a software, and in his anger, ignored a virus alert. Even through Tony deleted the program, his computer crashed the next day, unable to start the guide to save the computer. Later, Tony got a new Hard drive from Inge-Mats, and on May, 2, 2013, Tonys computer was working again. On May, 9, 2013, Tony's computer was fully restored again.

In February 2014, the computer once again crashed, but was restored and rescued in March 2014. As of March 2016, the computer still works.

Trivia Edit

  • Alice is the second laptop Tony had. The first one was the School Computer.