A hypochondriacal nightmare is an episode of Tonys Dreamworld from 2012.

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The Dream begins in Tony's Old Room (A.K.A Cissi's Room). Tony lies in his bed and looks over the window (where he sees Batman and Robin down at the street) and fears his bed is to close to the window, fearing that somebody would try to pull him over the window, a fall that would kill him. After thinking that thought, Tony realizes that he has another "attack". While Tony's mother and Cissi listens to music with Håkan Hellström, a swedish singer, Tony eats breakfirst and is later seen lying in his bed again. This time, he overhears a legoman's plot to take over the world, promting Tony to trash it. When he walks into the living room, he sees not only Mitzi but also three other dogs who jumps around. When Tony sits in the sofa, Mitzi jumps up to kiss him, but Tony tries to stop her due to her "plays" with the other dogs, only to fail misable. Later, Tony finds himself inside a new school where he meets a unnamed weird boy who bears a strong resamblence to Alexander Bengtsson playing piano. Later, Tony is in a weird room when he starts to feel weird again. He looks at his body and notices red spots on his body. He asks a foreman for the school (who basicly is Magnus Regestam from Tony's New Schoolife in another outfit), where the toilet is. After a short hunting for the toliet, Tony notices not only one red spot with a lot of tiny spots, but at least 10 others, someones with green spots. He starts to panic and runs through the school only to meet a female teacher who is no help for Tony. Before leaving, he yells that he will take a free time the rest of the day. In panic, Tony decides to run home for help but finds himself unable to locate his home, having lost the store who where close to his home in sight. Scared about the thoughts about a possibly death, he runs around in despair. He finally finds his computer, but when he tries to get help on Facebook, it says that Roger Jähnke is logged in, making it impossible to get help. Suddenly, the dream vanishes as Tony wakes up, shaking after the terrible dream.

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  • The School Owner is Magnus from Tony's New Schoollife but in a diffrent design.