A Goo and School Dream is a 2012 episode of Tony's Dreamworld

Plot Edit

After getting busted being still awake late on the night by his mother, Tony decides to go to sleep. The Dream starts with Tony covered in some mysterious blue goo, appearntly on his way to a mascerade, However, The Police mistakes him for a crook and chases him back home where Tony discovers that it his hard to wash the goo away from his body, but at last he manages to do so, and then he wakes up from his dream in his room before waking up for real. After seeing that his clock only is 8:15 am, he goes back to sleep and now he dreams that he is in his home and is talking with his father. After Tony leaves for school, he sees a bloodied man being taken away from the elevator and therefore Tony decides to take the stairs down. When walking to School, Tony bypasses the events from the first dream (a boy covered in blue goo getting chased by a police) before arriving to school. When arriving, he learns that some teachers from Thorild is going to start at Mimers and Tony soon encounters Magnus from Tony's New Schoolife who was visting the school at the moment. After entertaining Sean Banan and his unnamed Assistant to Sean Banan, he tells Magnus to say hello to Jocke before saying a quick hello to Göran. After going to Charlotte, she agrees to let him go home and he walks over the rooftroop with Emelie Schriever, Anela and Jennipher Johnson. After Emelie hears about a bully who bended over a boy's foot to his shoulder, she decides together with Anela and Jennipher to find the bully and stop him to which Tony remarks that they will get smashed. While Tony, Emelie and Anela jumps down to the ground, Jennipher is to scared and climbs down with a stair-look-a-like hanging on the buliding. After that, Tony races home but aviods to go his usual way since he don't want to bypass the events from the first dream. After returning home, Tony accidentally enters the wrong house before walking to his real home. When walking, he encounters his mother and tells her about all the wierd things that happened and also points at a blood spot on the elevator from the man Tony saw earlier, however, his mother assures him that nothing is wrong, and after that, Tony wakes up again and now, the clock is 11:27 am.

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Trivia Edit

  • Tony appearntly knows that it is a dream since he shows no sign of worry when he is in a unfamilar elevator.
  • In some countries, the scene where Tony sees a bloody man in a elevator was cut because of worried parents.
  • This is the first dream where the first part was shown again in the second part.